In this world that we are now facing the shortage of our essential resources for life,  and the demand increase in these resources day by day. There is one of the basic resource in all of these factors are correlated which is we called “Plants”. Plants are living organisms which covers the large amount of our planet surface. This plants come in different shapes and sizes like trees, shrubs, grass lawn, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, vines, mosses and ferns. Plants live in water and as well on land. The major factor of plants is that it provides the food to us. Similarly many other benefits are provided by these plants like vegetables; fruit etc.

But there is one of the most important process of all that we need plants in our planet which is called process of breathing. In the process we release canbondioxide, and need oxygen to breath. This oxygen we get from air is essential for life. So the Plants absorb our cabondioxide and release oxygen from their leaves which human being and animals both need for their lives. All living organisms need plants to breath for their lives.

Now most importantly that there should be plants around us to get fresh air for healthy life. Either if the plants are ornamental trees or shrubs or any indoor or outdoor plant. All are providing same greenery to environment. For this purpose there are different places all around the world where we get these plants. In Uae as the environment is not most favorable to grow the plants naturally. So for this purpose you will find the different shops and garden center to get plant for your house. There are many places that you will find the plants but it’s not easy to find such plants at one place. So keeping this in mind we the leaf flowers team proudly presents our garden center in Dubai.

The leaf flower garden center is located in Al warsan 3, Dubai. One of the best plant shop having all kind of indoor plants as well outdoor plants. We deal with all kind of uae plants with reasonable prices. Our plant shop have other feature also like garden furniture, fountains (marble fountains), native plants/ desert plants, native trees, antique.

The leaf flowers garden center has a large area for its all kind of plants. These plants have different types like indoor evergreen plants, outdoor evergreen, indoor flowering plants or outdoor flowering plants, air purifier plants, flowering plants, vines and climbers. We also deal also with organic fertilizers for your plants helping them to thrive and to bloom in your garden. Let us find out some of our plant categories in details.

So talking about our Indoor plants which contains like money plants, areca palm or kentia palm with different sizes. These indoor plants are the best air purifier plants to be in your office or living room. These are NASA air purifier plants as well. These houseplants can filter out harmful or toxins to purify the air. Others are using for house decorative purposes. Flowering or tall indoor plants keep the house perfectly green and decorative. Similarly other indoor house plants includes calathea, aglaonema, monstera, snake plant, Zamia or zz plant. Each plant comes with different sizes.

Our top air purifier plant includes spider plant, hedera helix or English ivy, guzmania, draecena with different types, rubber plant, golden pothos, aloe vera, snake plant, rhapis palm, areca palm, peacelilly, boston fern, scandapsus pictus.

In outdoor plants we have ornamental trees, small ground covers, shrubs, seasonal flowers, palms, vines and climber. Ornamental trees includes like delonix regia, azadirachta indica or neem,albizia,  tabebuia rosea, peltaphorum inerme, ficus trees, plumeria obtuse, jacaranda, millingtonia etc. Native plants includes aerva javanica, acacia Arabica, acacia farnesiana, senna italic, leptadenia, pennisetum divism, panicum tugidum, zygophyllum, calligonum, haloxylon, ghaf or prosopis. In vines there are many varieties like mandavillea, ipomea, jacquamonthia, clitoria etc. Also other outdoor flowering plants and outdoor palms are available.

There separate section for Pots which includes ceramic pots, fibre pots, clay pots,  plastic pots,with different sizes and designs.  Different purpose Fertilizers is available including NPK, cow manure and compost etc. In potting soil we have best soil from local and holland, with cocopeat also. There is also a section for home garden furnitures. 

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